Quality dentistry,
experienced doctors,
reasonable prices.

Chornovola St., 10, Kyiv, Ukraine
(Lukyanivska metro station)
ALBUS is quality dentistry in Kyiv that works according to recognized world standards and proven care protocols. We have combined the latest technology and experience in medicine to offer you the best solutions in caries treatment, professional hygiene, crowns, veneers, removable dentures, augmentation technologies, ultrasonic tooth extraction, implantation.
We welcome you to call our office to schedule an initial consultation!​

Why Clients Choose Us?

Qualified specialists

Each of our doctors has a solid theoretical background and extensive practical experience. We are constantly improving our skills, so our customers easily trust us to take care of their healthy smiles.

Durable materials

We use the best equipment from the world's leading manufacturers. We never skimp on the quality and durability of materials so that our clients forget about the dentist until the next scheduled visit.

Safety and hygiene

We closely monitor the sterility of our instruments and offices. Visiting the clinic is always as safe as possible.

Reasonable prices

We have an adequate pricing policy and always fulfill the warranty conditions. Our customers highly appreciate ALBUS for its reasonable value for money.

Our Services

We offer clients essential dental services:​

  • Treatment of tooth decay, pulpitis, periodontitis using modern methods and materials.
  • Professional tooth cleaning with KaVo PROPHYflex air polishing system.
  • Treatment of periodontal tissues with ultrasonic and laser technologies. Manual scaling techniques with high-quality Hu-Friedy dental instruments.
  • Dental hygiene training.
Modern medicine has plenty of options for restoring tooth shape or renewing retracted teeth. That’s why we suggest an individual type of denture for every patient and the most suitable kind of prosthetics.
  • Multiple types of high-quality metal-ceramic and metal-free dental crowns ensure a precise color match with your natural smile.
  • The ceramic veneers give a beautiful smile, make you feel good.
  • Prosthetics on implants using new digital technologies. Renovation of tooth stumps with adhesive composite and ceramic materials.
  • Removable dentures: acrylic, nylon, clasp, and hybrid to renew the functions and turn you back into a comfortable life.
  • Diagnosis and treatment of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.
  • Painless and atraumatic tooth extraction. Ultrasonic tooth extraction.
  • Dental implantation with the best implant systems from well-known world manufacturers located in Switzerland, Germany, USA, South Korea.
  • Bone augmentation for dental implant surgery.

Meet Our Doctors

Лікар-стоматолог Ігнатенко Д.С.

Dmytro Ignatenko

dentist, surgeon,
orthopedist, implantologist

Лікар-стоматолог Ігнатенко О.А.

Olena Ignatenko

dentist, therapist,

Лікар-стоматолог Радченко Т.В.

Tetyana Radchenko

dentist, therapist,

Лікар-стоматолог Гуменюк В.М.

Vitalii Humeniuk


Лікар-стоматолог Глущенко С.С.

Svitlana Hlushchenko


Лікар-стоматолог Ященко Ю.В.

Yurii Yashchenko


Quality dentistry. Our Clients Loves Us!

Thanks for a perfect job! Finally, I installed a dental implant. It took a long time to make a decision. But now I think about one more implant.
Worrying every time I go to the dentist. Don't like to treat my teeth since childhood. But since I got to Albus I have forgotten about all the discomfort. Here is even anesthesia is painless.
Not painful, not scary. I used to go to another doctor it hurt, and they pulled out my first tooth without permission! 🙁 And here they calm down and ask about your opinion and decision. ALBUS is a great clinic! I recommend it!

Dental clinic "ALBUS", Kyiv, Ukraine
V. Chornovola St. 10
(Luk'yanivka, Tatarka)

The entrance is at the rear of the building.